Our Members

Below is a current selection of our members:

 Writech new

Writech Industrial Services Ltd

Having designed, built, serviced and maintained fire safety systems for over 30 years with projects globally, Writech joined the EU Myanmar Centre in order to be able to consider various projects in Myanmar. The EU Myanmar Centre team has been able to facilitate meetings with willing and able buyers of Writech’s products and services. The EU Myanmar Centre has also provided the necessary cultural guidance to help Writech prepare and bid for large construction projects, as well as educate Myanmar construction companies on international fire safety standards.


Monex Financial Services Ltd

Monex operates in 46 countries around the world, handles €28 billion in annual transactions and 163 million credit card transactions. The core of the business is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), a process invented by Monex in the mid-1990s.  DCC offers an ancillary revenue opportunity to merchants, acquirers and processors while presenting customers with a convenient option to pay in their own currency when travelling abroad. Monex have joined the EU Myanmar Centre to receive our guidance and services as a ‘cultural and commercial bridge’ into an undeveloped industry in Myanmar.



Energize Myanmar Logo

Energize Myanmar Pte. Ltd.

Energize Myanmar is building an energy portfolio that will both power the Myanmar nation and also export excess capacity to its neighbours. The Company aims to deliver up to 20GW of additional electricity generation installed capacity by 2030. Early projects include the Development of a new Hydropower Plant, in partnership with the Myanmar Government.


 Sky Clad new

Skyclad Ltd

A strong and successful business based in Ireland but with a global reach, Skyclad designs and builds commercial and domestic buildings which are quick to build and energy efficient. Working with the team at the EU Myanmar Centre, Skyclad adapted their designs for the Myanmar market and has been able to bid for business in Myanmar.


Channel Maritime Services Co. Ltd

Formed in 2010 Channel Maritime aims to provide Myanmar officers and crew to ship owners and crewing agencies around the world. Since becoming a member of the EU Myanmar Centre, Channel Maritime has been working with partners in Europe – a new geographical area for this Myanmar SME.


TMInewTeachers Media International

With a strong partner and donor partner base, TMI works with schools, districts, ministries and universities around the world to offer teaching and online services. TMI aims to offer Professional Learning Solutions for Teachers and also Vocational Training in Myanmar. TMI joined the EU Myanmar Centre to benefit from our strong offering to members including hands on business model development and introductions to Myanmar ministries and partners to kick-start their newest market.



gilkes logo copy

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

UK based Gilkes exported turbines to Myanmar from 1906 to 1981 and are seeking to rebuild their business relationship in the country. Gilkes have successfully operated in over 80 countries around the world. Over the past 2 years Gilkes have manufactured over 100 new turbines for the UK and International markets – they are the leading hydroelectric turbine manufacturer for projects in the UK up to 20MW.

Kalinko Ltd

Launched in late 2016, Kalinko is an online homeware brand which supports the manufacture of Myanmar home and lifestyle products, and exports them to the UK. It is the first company to give international market access to Myanmar suppliers across the homeware spectrum. The EU Myanmar Centre has supported Kalinko from day one, helping them to develop key partnerships with suppliers and guiding them through the export process.