The EUMC has been established as a non-political, not-for-profit, practical economic development organisation aimed at facilitating trade, commerce and investment between companies in Myanmar and companies in European Union Member States.

 Specifically the EUMC has been formed with the following three Objectives:

 1.   To contribute to the Practical Economic Development of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and EU Member countries, doing so by:

  • Actively facilitating and supporting its SME (small and medium sized enterprises) members to identify and enter into negotiations with candidate capable and willing buyers of the products and services they wish to export. Doing so quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

  • Actively facilitating and supporting its SME members to either relocate to Myanmar, establish new, or to grow existing, design and or manufacturing facilities.

2.   To provide an ongoing supportive business environment for Myanmar SMEs, including encouraging and helping ‘capacity-building’ in particular, to enable them to more efficiently expand and develop their business, to make quality improvements in their operations, adopt relevant international trade and commerce standards, and climb to their fullest international potential.

 3.   To contribute to the strategic policy development, planning and implementation – of both macro-level and micro-level economic development programmes in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and in EU Member countries. Maintaining a particular keen focus on already exporting and export-capable SMEs.