About Us

The EUMC was founded by two entrepreneurs – an engineer from Ireland (see biographyand a medical doctor from Myanmar – with 30 years of experience in launching, building, growing and selling companies – technology based and otherwise – in Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley, USA.

The EUMC senior team has broad, direct, first hand profit and not-for-profit private sector and public sector international experience including: Working on the tools of factory-workshop floors, leading the Board of such factories large and small, policy-making in public sector economic development agencies, leading university technology transfer and intellectual property management, global banking, debt and equity financing, international airport management, software development, grocery retail & distribution, engineering design, manufacture and the selling of ships, airplanes, automotive-super-chargers, medical devices, building construction products and various others.

Real Economic Development only actually takes place whenever companies do mutually beneficial new business together: The type that collectively brings http://eu-myanmar.org/about-eu/ more money into the economy in question, than is sent out of that same economy.

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SMEs in any country collectively transact 95% or more of that country’s economic activity and they employ 95% or more of its working population. Whilst well-known Major Corporations – particularly the manufacturing and exporting ones – play a key role of their own in an economy and commonly attract most media attention, it is actually the collection of little-known SMEs – especially those exporting products or services – which are the true ‘life-blood’ of any economy.

Clearly the low, medium or high volume of, speed of and total value of a country’s collection of such SMEs determines that country’s rate of economic development, stagnation or decline. Thus the focus of the EUMC on SMEs.